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  2. Best Pressure Washing, Power Washing Services for Salem Oregon, Dallas Oregon, Independence Oregon, Keizer Oregon Tile Roof Cleaning- Moss and mold removal utilizing Hydro-spinners and non -damaging soft wash systems Siding- Metal, Vinyl, Wood, Fencing Cement- Patio, Driveways, Carports, Pavers, Retaining walls, Brick, Stucco, specializing in graffiti and efflorescence removal and re-sealing of the surface Better than Just Pressure Washing HERE IS WHY! The reason it is better is that we can adjust our system to the right amount of heat and pressure to avoid the damage that traditional pressure washing does to the surface. Pressure washing with just a wand is cumbersome and time consuming. Most pressure washers don't utilize heat so they have to crank up the pressure or add DANGEROUS chemicals to compensate for the lack of heat. Wands also leave a pattern in the concrete or surface that is undesirable, and causes micro fractures to the surface and causes premature wear and eventual cracking. Other benefits to our method of cleaning is our high powered extraction. We can get around delicate plant life ares that the wand would destroy. The wand simply blows the dirt and grime all over the place causing additional clean up on siding or even additional damage to the surrounding areas. We use high powered extraction system that takes our plant friendly emulsifiers, and creates a desired fertilizer that can be used on the lawn or hedges for the ultimate in green eco-friendly cleaning and efficiency at the customers request.
  3. Fast Finish

    Different Surface projects and marketing.
  4. First X-Jet job done...

    I have both a 12v bandit and an X-jet. I am working on building a set up that has both on board. Anyone know how long a draw tube can be used before the XJET cries to long to be effective? (Just curios) I can see where the extra pressure can be more effective than a 12v rinse of chems on certain sidings etc... Anyways, I will be utilizing both methods since there seems to be such a wide variety of grime on siding. I know there are some of you been doing it for years and probably settled on a go to because of the time factors involved for efficiency. I just like to hear why on both from both sides of it... On a fun note- I made up a cool new to me 12v hand truck chem sprayer, that could be used as a XJET companion, deck sprayer,concrete pre-sprayer etc... I found the perfect 15gal and 25 gal tanks that can be strapped to the hand truck for easy use... I am sure others on here done something similar at some point along the way.
  5. Here is a quick update after a couple weeks of the deck settling in and the second coat of stain around the previous stained area. We brushed Acetone on the area around the hot tub to try and get it to blend better since it appeared so dark. I have to say that the way this whole thing played out was unexpected for sure. It looks pretty good now but it was uncertain as went along. Thanks to all of you who pitched in pointers along the way... After all this we know exactly how we would do it differently for sure...Many lessons learned.
  6. Could not get it clean.....

    I would have to get on a lift on this side to spray it on there with a pump up? You would never shoot it up there?? Sent from my iPhone
  7. Went and did the side of a two story with my 12v bandit and could not get it clean. The mix I used was basically 1 gal of 12% per five. I used 2 per 5 on the last job with my x-jet... Figured with no dilution this mix would be strong enough. It cleaned the whole house except where the chimney flashing was bleeding down the side. Obviously not mold like the rest of the house but there was still some black streaks as well as what looks like rust? Should I get some F9 on this? I think solution mix is part of the problem but no real pressure from the bandit to rinse that high. No more than hose pressure anyway.. This should have been an easy fix? What to do differently next time? [ATTACH]20459[/ATTACH]
  8. I will send a picture later when we get back to that job. But application if second coat on the rest "should" diminish the second coat stopping point. Some of the issue as I see it is the tendency to push more sealer into the dark area creating a third layer as you apply the second to the surrounding cedar.. Sent from my iPhone
  9. The area was heavily coated two costs before any additional stain was applied to the rest if the deck, so the area is darker. The owner requested that this area be stained twice before the rest of the deck was done because of an object that needed to be set there right away for a remodel. The rest of the deck only has one coat of sealer still. So the area is naturally darker than the rest of the deck.. We are hoping that our second coat in the rest hides where that area stops / starts... Sent from my iPhone
  10. We ended up not using a sprayer at all. We used deck pads on the whole thing. There is an area that had lap marks we need to figure out how to even out. A second coat was done there before a second coat was done on the rest of the area at customers request. An object had to be set there before the rest of the deck could be done during a remodel. How to blend in the lap marks? Sent from my iPhone
  11. Cabot clear stain can turn cedar pretty dark over time I have seen, recently. Sent from my iPhone
  12. First X-Jet job done...

    Yeah, was a bit skeptical at first to use it, but figured I should at least see how it works. Needless to say, I will be getting a M5 ordered right away (as back up to my back up of course:mushroom:) I wouldn't want to suggest that it would be my go to just yet...You never know though. I even used the instructions that came with it on chem mix...go figure. I thought for sure it wouldn't work on the gutters at all. I was almost certain I would be either getting on the roof or scrubbing them somehow. Did neither!~! I don?t see how I could jet an entire roof though with a strong mix?? Any wind or angle I cant get to gets me on the roof and negates the bucket and hose ordeal... Anyone?
  13. First X-Jet job done...

    We had a residential job this past week that we would normally use our Fat Bandit on to clean but it is mounted in another trailer with tanks. We were doing some major concrete cleaning with our pressure washers that are on a different trailer. I had bought on a whim an x-jet for like cheap back up. I had it with us an decided to try it instead of switch out equipment and come back for the gutter/house cleaning. Mixed 2 gals of 12% in a 5 gallon bucket with a healthy squirt of Dawn. Stood back 12 ft and shot the gutters and siding, let it sit all foamy for 10-12 minutes then rinsed off with the x-jet. I have to say that this saved me a ton of time on this one job and the extra pressure for rinsing off on the second story gutters from the ground were awesome. All of it was done from the ground .
  14. Referrence: Bleach shelf-life

    Great and important information. There are a lot of cleaners mixing chemicals incorrectly.
  15. No behr stain... The owner had the deck installed and she did not know what stain was used 7 years ago, but I found the Cabot under the deck... Sent from my iPhone