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Pressure Washing- Salem, Oregon


Best Pressure Washing, Power Washing Services for Salem Oregon, Dallas Oregon, Independence Oregon, Keizer Oregon

  1. Tile Roof Cleaning- Moss and mold removal utilizing Hydro-spinners and non -damaging soft wash systems
  2. Siding- Metal, Vinyl, Wood, Fencing
  3. Cement- Patio, Driveways, Carports, Pavers, Retaining walls, Brick, Stucco, specializing in graffiti and efflorescence removal and re-sealing of the surface

Better than Just Pressure Washing HERE IS WHY!

The reason it is better is that we can adjust our system to the right amount of heat and pressure to avoid the damage that traditional pressure washing does to the surface. Pressure washing with just a wand is cumbersome and time consuming. Most pressure washers don't utilize heat so they have to crank up the pressure or add DANGEROUS chemicals to compensate for the lack of heat. Wands also leave a pattern in the concrete or surface that is undesirable, and causes micro fractures to the surface and causes premature wear and eventual cracking.

Other benefits to our method of cleaning is our high powered extraction. We can get around delicate plant life ares that the wand would destroy. The wand simply blows the dirt and grime all over the place causing additional clean up on siding or even additional damage to the surrounding areas. We use high powered extraction system that takes our plant friendly emulsifiers, and creates a desired fertilizer that can be used on the lawn or hedges for the ultimate in green eco-friendly cleaning and efficiency at the customers request.

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