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  1. im more worried about sliding off than breaking. But i can spray then work from the bottom up. thanks
  2. How to tackle this

    Cedar shake gazebo roof
  3. for some reason I cant attache the picture. Its about 13' radius with a 4/12 pitch. Was able to upload pic into gallery here http://community.thegrimescene.com/gallery/member/2935-chappy/
  4. I still do the occasional wood job and was asked to bid on this. Never done shake before. How would I tackle this? Its moderately heavy mildew and the shakes are less than ten years old. Can they be walked on? I dont think i want to walk on them for the cleaning part, should I get a lift? How do you guys normally do them?
  5. How often you find other businesses stealing your pictures or artwork?

    I had a local guy put my pictures on his FB page. I commented that he stole directly from my website on every pic and posted my webpage. He ended up taking them down but now him and his girlfriend go on Google + and post one star reviews. Obviously a moron because they use their own names! Kind of funny actually and not worth the effort of a lawyer. His shoddy work is known throughout the region.
  6. ProPaverSeal.com paver pool decks

    Pool decks sealed by Pro Paver Clean and Seal
  7. Rain outs

    We've had more than 30 inches of rain in the last several Months in the Tampa area. I've only been delayed 2 days in all that. I Come to Atlanta for a Big job and it looks like we have to wait out a day or so cause of this front. Least TS karen fizzled out.
  8. atlanta area visit

    We're in roswell for the couple days doing a paver strip job. Anyone close want to meet up for a beverage tomorrow night? Text Me
  9. Tampa Bay's leading paver sealing and restoration company since 2004. We use the Seal N Lock Paver Sealing System exclusively for a beautiful wet look in brick or travertine pavers. See our website at www.propaverseal.com or call 727-432-2501 for a free consultation. We serve all of Pinellas county, FL along with most of Tampa and outlying areas by request.
  10. Guilty Pleasure?

    George clinton, MC Hammer, any old hip hop. Man I used to hate that music, now it's one of my favorite Pandora stations.
  11. Algae on marble pavers

    We see the same thing on travertine. A little strong bleach will disappear it.
  12. Of course the very next day one of the guys couldn't come in. I think I need to work more just so Im ready to work when the time comes. Friday wore me out.
  13. Yeah, John. You look like your really humping it in that pic. I've finally gotten to the point that Im not behind the wand. I felt like I was falling apart, plus I have hernia surgery next week, so I had to slow down just when I'm balls to the wall busy and cant see a slow down on the horizon. My newest employee is almost 60 though. after 30 years roofing, this feels like easy work, but he's definetely not used to the florida heat. I still pull hoses, carry buckets, do what needs to be done, but no pressure washing and I get to sit in the AC wasting fuel. I feel really bad about that sometimes
  14. Rain rarely causes sinkholes. It can because the acids erode the limestone. However, It is typically caused by the severe overpumping of groundwater. Central florida is more prone to them. So, join the crowd, john, just please don't complain when ground opens up. Or when your dog gets eaten by an alligator, our a hurricane comes through. Every year the news shows some transplant whos dog got et saying" no one told me about alligators", or "they charge extra for sinkhole coverage?"