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  1. Driveways Plus Pressure Washing is Tampa Bay, Florida’s first choice for residential power washing and safe low pressure cleaning services. We specialize in driveway cleaning, house washing, and gutter clean-outs, pool deck cleaning, and safe rust removal. We are educated and highly trained professionals in the art of exterior cleaning and maintenance.. We make sure the outside of your home is always in perfect condition throughout the year! We take pride in our work and are fully insured as well as guaranteeing customer satisfaction.
  2. Hi. I have been on pressure washing forums for over 20 years. I started out on the old delco board when it was just a very long thread. There was so much activity and so many people posting all the time. I really loved to interact on the forums and learn and bounce things off of fellow contractors. In the past few years the forums have really started to wain and less and less people are posting. I know the answer. Everyone is on facebook. Their are tons of groups and a lot of the people that used to post on the forums, are now regulars on the facebook groups, myself included. I for one am not really that thrilled with this development. If you are somebody that came up using the forums, facebook can be a nasty place sometimes. I have decided to start posting on forums again and try to get off of facebook. Maybe other people will get sick of the BS and follow suit. Also Beth. Since I was last here I changed the name of my company. Can you tell me how to change that in my profile?
  3. I had a driveway with hydraulic fluid on it last week. Dragon Juice got the job done.
  4. yep seals, valves cracked piston. Or if you are lucky some debris is clogging a filter.
  5. Decks and Docks near Tampa, Fl

    Cleaning Decks and Docks in Tampa is just one of the services Driveways Plus Pressure washing LLC, provides. Whether it's a Dock over the water in Clearwater or a composite deck in Tampa, Drivewys Plus has got you covered. Using the correct chemicals and pressure, when working with wood or composites is crucial to achieving great results. Driveways Plus Has got knowledge and experience to get the job done. Call any time for a free estimate 727-520-2198 Or contact us through our website @ https://drivewaycleaningtampabay.com
  6. Driveways Plus Pressure Washing LLC provides professional driveway pressure cleaning in the Tampa Bay area. There is more to cleaning a driveway than just buying a pressure washer and blasting away. At Driveways Plus, we will make sure your driveway mold and mildew free, and clean as it can be without damage to the surface of your driveway. We use professional grade cleaners and equipment for professional results. For more info on driveway cleaning, or other pressure washing services. Please visit our website, Driveways Plus.Call or text 727-520-2198. For a free estimate.
  7. Almost time to wear long pants! 67 here this morning, going to clean a pool enclosure.
  8. How long of a hose can I use

    Use the smallest orifice you can find. I use a 2-3 gpm injector on my 5.5 gpm machine and can draw soap with 350 feet. If you have to, you can put the injector midway in between hoses, with a bucket.
  9. Your biggest gripe about the cold weather?

    Yeah when t hits 54 degrees it really aggravates me, not sure if I should wear shorts or not. Oh sometimes it gets around freezing for a few minutes around 4 am. BRRR. Good thing I' m usually in bed then....Sorry, having lived in the northeast my whole life, I just have to rub it in. I feel your pain, then I did something about it!
  10. Would appreciate some opinions

    Yes you need a buffer tank, 2500 psi is enough power to do any residential cleaning. The only thing I ever use pressure on is concrete, and anything over 2500 starts to remove the cream coat. All other applications are 1000 psi (rinsing nozzle) or less. Most of the time I use my soaping nozzle to rinse which is a couple of hundred psi. Also working without insurance is not a good idea, when It seems you are hell bent on using high pressure.
  11. Would appreciate some opinions

    $1300 could definitely get you a craigslist special( at least 4 gpm and 2500-3500 psi) and a hammerhead surface cleaner(northern tool), hoses and whatever else you would need. Cleaning a driveway with a wand is like mowing a lawn with a weed whacker.
  12. X-Jet and 8.25 household bleach

    You say you have been cleaning houses for 12 years, just curious as to why you are using a 4 gpm machine?
  13. Interesting job

    You can get a 16 foot ladder that is three sections and is 6 feet long at Home Depot if that will help you.