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  1. You are correct to be concerned. The wall heat issue is an easy fix. Get a bigger piece of the diamond plate to replace the one now bolted to the wall. When installing the larger diamond plate, space it from the wall 3/4 of an inch or so to prevent heat transfer. Done. Then figure out a way to get some cooling and combustion air into that well laid out and assembled trailer.
  2. Sodium Percarbonate for Roofs

    Have you found any independent group of people that have any long term success using a known non-successful product? It's okay with me if you wish to go and discover a new way to clean roofs. It's okay with me if you are the one to finally make it successful. It's fine with me if you first post that discovery right here. What is not okay with me is for you to come on a national forum, a place of learning, and begin to denigrate the very successful use of a completely safe product, Sodium Hypochlorite. A product that, when used as recommended by individuals trained in the proper use of it, is completely safe and effective. It's in your drinking water, It's what cleans your babies diapers and it is absolutely safe to use. Go share your dislike for it somewhere else. "The industry guidelines seem to have everyone backing away from SH. States are starting to get very aggressive from cleaning chemicals that are not green to our environment" are your words and they are in error. Do not allow your refusal to get trained and educated in a product as an excuse to bad mouth its use by others. This is not a drill. This is a rebuttal of mis-information. .
  3. Sodium Percarbonate for Roofs

    Just wondering out loud Mr. Dirt Buster. Please don't take this personal and it certainly is not intended as any form of an attack but It seems like you are talking down about a product that is successfully used daily to cleans hundreds if not thousands of roofs. From my vantage point, it looks like you need to educate yourself on why one of the only chemicals purchased in bulk by most every water purification plant in this country is all of a sudden bad for you and "everyone" is seen backing away from it. Perhaps if you spent a little more time learning why the successful roof cleaning contractors wisely use use sodium hypochlorite as their go to cleaner, you would be less swayed by people that want to sell you something that doesn't work near as well. I love trees and the environment almost as much as the next guy but you are going to have a hard time convincing me that the stuff that sanitizes diapers and makes our drinking water safe is all of a sudden a menace to the earth. It's electrified salt water for crying out loud. Bleach can hurt you so do wear ppe but don't fear it, seek to understand it.
  4. Has anyone seen this?

    That would be very nice of you Steven. Right after the deck is cleaned and the bill is paid.
  5. That is exactly how we do it as well. Allison was kind enough to use a picture of my son Zach rinsing out a gutter after scooping the debris. A link to the magazine http://issuu.com/pccmag/docs/eclean_issue_18/1
  6. As we discovered on the train man, tomorrow never happens, it's all the same freakin' day, man. Janis What is today is tomorrow. Don't expect tomorrow to be different if you don't make a change today. Tim
  7. We never worry about finding rats in gutters. The black snakes that we've found in gutters probably chase the rats out.
  8. What are your plans for Labor Day weekend?

    Picnicking at the in laws. Hamburgers, hotdogs, fried chicken and spare ribs. And that is just the first plate. :) It will be an international event as my daughter runs a foreign student exchange program. Korea, China, and Japan will be represented as well as the good ole' USA. Happy labor day everyone!!
  9. Hagerstown Marylands most trusted residential exterior cleaning contractor
  10. Smithsburg Roof Stain Removal

    Roof cleaning Smithsburg,Maryland
  11. Testing Grimes Scene's new bulletin board.

    I like the way TGS shines. Thanks Beth and Rod!
  12. April Dodson is the real deal. Knowledge, wisdom and a positive energy that can not be denied. I really enjoyed the couple of presentations that she made and I expect that we will do business in the future. Thad's stuff is always good and on point. Kurt Kempton is a wise and thoughtful man that really knows how to engage people. Perry Tait. Some tall, accent bearing dude that reportedly lives in China? Is on the fourth leg of his eleven stop world tour. The man has it going on. He broke it down real simple and then built it back up in a way that really spoke to me. This weekend was a blessing and an inspiration to me and many that I spoke to. I sometimes hear so much about roundtables being the same old grind with the same old faces. This was not that. This was the real deal. I am pleased that me and mine were able to attend. Thanks Thad and the PWRA powerhouse! iPhone - Tapatalk
  13. Window Washer Falls

    The fundraiser that you are referring to is for a different case. http://www.gofundme.com/3z7u98 iPhone - Tapatalk
  14. I usually go out on the muti family jobs. Not much else though.
  15. What a beautiful job Al.