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  1. 2014 Events-- mark your calendars

    Guy, I was on topic. Not straying. Lets start with one. I was asked to speak last year because your leader no showed. I am sure it will happen again. History has proven itself. You were not there last year when a BOD told the attending contractors that everyone was a member. How is it misleading?...Well for one its BS (Snake Oil) if you will. For someone to sit in front of me when I was a TT member and asked for three years if the TT members even had a membership to tell the audience they are members. So when I asked he got caught up in his words and the truth came out that everyone has a "free" membership (to the BBS). You have been around long enough to know that telling anyone they have a membership to a BBS is a joke. And yet again he uses the words FREE FREE FREE. Two, look at number one and tell me that's professional or not when contractors are thinking there is value in the Org BBS alone. There are too many BBS' out there that provide more professional value. Three, yes some of the issues I have are personal now with your leaders. NOT my leaders. They are a joke on professionalism. Do you consider it professional when the president has been warned numerous times to not contact me. Then when I posted in response to you about this event. Within minutes I get an automated text from his website. So I texted him and told him I will be taking actions if he doesn't stop. Within minutes of that your environmental guru sends me a text about your leaders website. LOL. They are worthless Guy. Let them continue the harassment because now they are coming to my town. You want harassment in your town?
  2. 2014 Events-- mark your calendars

    Yeah there has been a few lately. I heard attendance wasn't so good though? Maybe one of the BOD will chime in and say if they are going to tell contractors this year (like they did last year) that everyone has a membership? It was said that everyone has a FREE membership. Yours truly called them out on it. It was explained then and only then that everyone has a membership to the BBS ...LOL. How is that professional? How is it NOT misleading? And yet the story continues with this group of misfits in charge...I am truly glad you are no longer a BOD Guy. Good for you. Hopefully next time you are in town we can meet up.
  3. 2014 Events-- mark your calendars

    Guy, I was at last years event. What is funny is I wasn't even aware this years event was going to happen until I read your posts. I spoke at last years because someone we know backed out at the last minute. Now it looks like an Org event. If that's the case, No thanks. What that Org has allowed is unreal. I am tired of the harassment that the president of it puts out. The texts are relentless. And when I tell him to stop his buddy, that isn't even a power washer, starts texting me. And for that I may end my cousin to the event. He is a regulator. Maybe he can come back and tell me what a JOKE the environmental guru is. See Guy my point is that lines have been drawn. I don't deal with BS. I don't need BS.
  4. Best Month Yet!

    Thank you Allison. For being such a productive resource in our industry.
  5. 2014 Events-- mark your calendars

    LOL Guy. That would be like me saying I live in the Baltimore area yet I have not heard of any event in Dec. Oh hell I am probably not invited...LOL. Really funny how every takes words the way they want.
  6. http://www.compositedeckingsettlement.com/ Check out the cleaning instructions...Interesting.
  7. Ego vs. Giving Back

    I was lucky enough years back, and helped clean the Lincoln Memorial in Washington DC. I picture was taken by a vendor who was the manufacturer of the surface cleaner I was using. That picture landed me a cover shot on Cleaner Times. And the manufacturer even used the same picture for several advertisements. I never felt the need to have my name on the picture. I had the feeling of both being honored enough and lucky enough that a picture was taken while I was giving something back. And yet lucky enough to get my picture on a cover of an industry magazine. Do we as contractors have no dignity to give back to both our customers and clients? Do we not have a need or feel a need to give back? And if and when you do is it necessary for you to get recognition?
  8. Check out the new member on TGS.

    Hmmm. His occupation sure sound, oh never mind. I don't want to go down that path. LOL
  9. Need help with my first Commercial proposal/estimate

    Rob, If you want call me tomorrow morning and I can help direct you.
  10. Another group of Powerwashers helping each other--PWRA

    I love my BIG stickers...
  11. What a great day-- Reflection

    And I just became happy with getting my coffee this morning...LOL
  12. Big thanks to Robert Hinderliter for helping contractors

    Good post John. Robert has done so much for this industry. He is a stand up guy. And his knowledge and expertise of our industry is unbelievable.
  13. Post famous people's quotes that you believe in.

    Don't mistake my kindness for weakness. I am kind to everyone, but when someone is unkind to me, weak is not what you are going to remember about me. Al Capone
  14. Testing Grimes Scene's new bulletin board.

    I just have to get used to the new set up. LOL. But its looking good. Very more professional looking too. Tim, good talking to you earlier. Stay in touch.
  15. Job Lead - Warrenton VA

    Sure. I posted this everywhere and I am assuming this must be a ghost town...lol. No one services this area.