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Beth n Rod

What does it take???

What's keeps you coming back to a vendor?  

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  1. 1. What's keeps you coming back to a vendor?

    • Customer Service
    • Product Availability
    • Pricing, Discounts
    • Reliability/Dependability
    • Location for shipping costs considerations
    • Communication
    • Order Fulfillment
    • Technical Support
    • If I can't get it from one...I shop elsewhere
    • I have no loyalty, best price gets it

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My equipment is roof cleaning specific.

About the only thing I buy from pressure washer supply places is hose reels.

Most everything else I buy direct.

But I feel it is important to support your local guy.

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I pay more for good customer service, support and availability. I found a supplier for all my needs about an hr away. They are not cheap but they have everything I need. They have been most helpfull in me and guiding me with products and equipment. I have also found that if you are loyal and they know they got your business they begin to give you breaks and favors. Thats what im looking for.

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Reliability and dependability for me. If I order something it is because I have a job scheduled and need the product. If you can't get me the product in a timely manner then I can't do the job and maybe lose the customer and I am stuck shelling out for the product. Now I gotta sell it again.

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Customer service is KEY to me.

I use a vendor that is about an hour's drive from me. I know if I call them on a Sunday saying "Uh oh, I forgot this or that and need it TOMORROW!" they'd be at the warehouse with it waiting for me.

That means everything, especially because I'm a scatterbrain :)

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