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    Get the most professional, high quality New Orleans roof cleaning with services by Tiger Wash. Tiger Wash is the New Orleans area's premiere roof cleaning and pressure washing service, servicing a number of locations throughout the metro area, including Metairie, Kenner, Slidell, Mandeville, Gretna, Marrero, and Harvey with fantastic quality roof cleaning services at fantastic prices. We use a low pressure, "soft wash" cleaning system to clean your roof and rid it of all the harmful mold, mildew, grime, fungi and other particles causing damage to your roof as well as to the health and safety of the environment around your home. Other pressure washing contractors may attempt to use high pressure to clean your roof, but not Tiger Wash. Our system allows us to safely and completely clean the surface of your roof without any possibility of damage. Get started today on your New Orleans roof cleaning - call 225-678-8904 or email us at info@tigerwashbr.com.
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    Challenging weather conditions can make life difficult - even if you are an seasoned pressure washing contractor. In South East Texas as an example - we may take on wind chills dipping down to the teens during winter, and searing temperatures above 100 degrees during summer. Sprinkle in gusty winds, relentless humidity, unpredictable rain and you end up with a powerful mix of weather "challenges" for anybody that works outside. As an example, washing outside windows during a high chance of rain isn't a great way to use your time - and it will likely not make the home owner too exited either. Have you washed a really steep roof during high or gusty wind - it isn't much fun! However, on the other side of the coin cleaning concrete is generally going to be okay with high wind, some rain, lower temps or higher temps since nothing is probably going to have much effect on end results and it is pretty simple for the workers to take easy steps and make sure everyone is relatively comfortable and as safe as possible. During Summer, when it is constant and apologetically hot in the Houston area - dress accordingly, take in lots of fluids, be sure to make time to take short breaks and keep an eye out for shaded areas to chill when it is needed. What do you do if your are a professional cleaning in Missouri City? Make sure to have open lines of communication with customers. If there isn't a good way to contact your customers, it will not be possible to notify them in the event that you have to make any changes to the daily schedule. Next - understand what projects can be performed in what weather conditions and make an attempt to schedule them on the days that they are possible. Last, be prepared for changing weather conditions during projects. Keep a poncho inside the truck for surprise rain, have a lightweight jacket and/or a heavy one in the event that a cold front comes in, pack an ice cooler of cold water and light snacks for the especially hot afternoons and make time to remain safe - you wont regret it! Daniel Simmons Pressure Washing America, LLC
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    24 YEAR PROFESSIONAL EXPERT'S ROOF TECHNICAL BULLETIN. Written by Chuck Bergman on 08/27/13 SHINGLED ROOFING: I have cleaned roofs in Charlotte County Florida since 1989. I started out pressure washing them, but I could see, with shingled roofs, severe granule loss taking place on the shingles and turning the pressure down didn’t solve the problem. Why? First off, it takes a certain amount of pressure to remove the black algae – period! So, if it requires say 1000 psi of pressure, which will work to blast the black coloration from shingles, then it’s just semantics. If at 1000 psi I can clean a roof holding my gun tip say 1 foot away, then, if I turn the pressure down to 1/2 that, I have to move in to 6″ away, bringing the pressure right back to 1000 psi. Another words nothing is accomplished! TILE ROOFING: With tile, most are manufactured with at least a light glazing on top of a slurry coating {paint} Pressure washing tile, requires a higher blasting pressure, starting at 1500psi up to 3000psi. This can remove or dull that glazing. If the roof has been pressure cleaned in the past and that glazing is mostly gone already, then the slurry coating, creating your roofs coloring begins to be removed. This will turn a red tile roof into a pinkish roof. It will turn other colors pale as well. Eventually, it will reach the plain cement the tile is made of, showing bare cement areas. Some companies have found an easier pressure cleaning tool, called a “Surface Cleaning Machine” and to cover the fact that these machines use pressure to the extreme, they give their cleaning method nice names like shampooing your roof. These machines were originally designed to clean flat surfaces { I own 2 } and are great on driveways, sidewalks and cement parking lots, where almost no damage can occur. They are the worst thing you can do to a tile roof though. The powerful jets are angled to cut sideways, also, they are set at an exact amount of inches above whatever surface they are set on. With flat cement that perfect! Tile is not a flat surface, so the high parts get blasted badly, while the lower portions of the tile, barely come clean-if at all. If you went up and inspected such a cleaning job, you would find many small black lines of leftover algae. If any algae is left, it will continue growing and return with a vengeance within 1-2 years! A chemically cleaned, soft-washed tile roof is easily evenly coated and all algae is killed and disintegrated. That’s why a Non-Pressure Roof cleaning, as explained below, lasts just about twice as long as any type of pressure washing / shampoo style cleaning will. Fortunately, you are not stuck, having to accept roof damage in order to have a nice, clean, healthy roof! Many years ago, some of the roofing manufacturers, came up with a formula to “chemically clean” roofs, using no pressure at all. It’s called by a few names “Non-Pressure” “No-Pressure” Soft-Washing” and “Chemical Cleaning” I started using this method and chemicals specified by the roofing manufacturers and their Manufacturers Association {ARMA} back in the 1990′s and found that it cleaned tile just as well as it cleaned shingles! It calls for a mixture of about a 3-5% total solution of Chlorine Bleach and a little TSP {Tri Sodium Phosphate} I then add a commercial soap / surfactant to that mix, to thicken the mixture, so it won't run off the roof. Nowadays, there’s always someone trying to sell you something. Non Bleach alternative chemicals are on the market and I try them as they come out. They all use the “Eco-Friendly” “Green” approach, to sell their chemicals with. The products I have tried do not tell you what chemicals are in the product. So, are they safe and eco-friendly? Who knows? We do know bleach though! We wash our clothes in it, disinfect our kitchen food preparation areas with it, swim in it in our pools and drink it in our city water! When it dries, it turns back into salt, which is what it is made from. You can go to my website and click on “MANUFACTURER SPECIFICS” and read directly from the makers of your roofing, that what I am saying is what the makers of your roofing also say. Or just go there directly, using this click-able link: http://www.bergmanpressurewashing.co...Specifics.html Incidentally, the ARMA also says not to allow anyone to spray on ANY after coating “Field Coating” on your roof. It says that those coatings can cause damage and at the very least, none have proven to accomplish anything. They are sold as a supposed way to not have to ever clean your roof again. They only claim that the products will keep your roof clean for 2 years. 99% of all roofs cleaned properly, will stay clean longer than that, without buying into their programs. Read the ARMA statements here: http://www.asphaltroofing.org/sites/...tin/tb_227.pdf So, after 24 years of roof cleaning: First with a Pressure Washing machine and then without the use of any pressure, this is what I have learned to be facts. Chuck Bergman Roof Cleaning "AND" Pressure Washing. Charlotte and Sarasota County Florida. In business here since 1989. Father & Son business since 1994. No Work Crews - No Trainees! We do not run our business from a cell phone. We have old land line numbers that have been mine for over 20 years. We are permanent residents and here to stay! Englewood, Rotonda West, Placida, Cape Haze areas CALL: 941-698-1959 Venice, Nokomis, Osprey and South Sarasota office: 941-483-3673 Port Charlotte, Punta Gorda Office: 941-255-8600 Englewood, North Port Office: 941-474-8883
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    Ideas on how to clean roofs in SW Florida, with consideration for others viewpoints. Pressure Cleaning too! Printer Friendly I am Chuck Bergman. I have been in the Pressure Cleaning / Roof Cleaning business since 1978. I am opening up this forum to allow other professionals, in this line of work, to post their experience and ideas on how best to clean all the different types of roofs we have here in Florida. Nothing will be deleted, except personal arguments, curse words or slander. I will be available for whatever advice I can offer, from my experience and knowledge base. My work email is Pressure_Clean@Comcast.Net This is my info site- http://pressurecleaningbychuckbergman.webs.com/ Here's my methods- We specialize in the cleaning of roofs and offer the newest and only "approved" [ by the roofing association ] " NO PRESSURE " roof cleaning system. For asphalt shingle roofs, this system is a must and can add years to your expensive roof's life! Pressure cleaning a shingled roof removes a large percentage of the granules, that make up the surface and color of your roof. Even tile roofs benefit from our "NO PRESSURE" system, in that high pressure will send small pieces of tile and especially the cement holding your ridges in place, off into space! Also, if you have a finish on your roof, such as a solid paint coat or a glazing, high pressure can peel the paint or dull the glazing. Many Pressure Washers advertise "NO PRESSURE" but don't actually own the equipment. They simply use their pressure washing machine's chemical injector and end up using "SOME" pressure anyway and explaining [ if you see them do it ] that they turned the pressure way down. "SURE THEY DID!" ANY pressure will remove much of your asphalt shingle granules! Click below to go to the roofing manufacturers association and read for yourself it's simple clear statement about pressure- "HIGH PRESSURE WASHING SYSTEMS FOR ALGAE REMOVAL SHOULD NOT BE USED" http://www.asphaltroofing.org/pdf/tb_217.pdf Of course, we do have state of the art pressure washing equipment as well for houses, pool enclosures, decks, driveways etc. In fact, with our many years of experience, we have found that a pressure washer that puts out a larger flow of water [5.6 GPM] and less actual pressure 2000 - 2500 psi, gets the job done better than a higher blasting pressure [3000 to 4000 lbs is common] and lower water flow [4 GPM] or less. On occasion, high pressure is needed, such as on some concrete and steel surfaces, so we also have a 3500 psi machine with us at all times to use as needed. Another reason to hire us to clean your roof is- You may see competitors who say they are "Plant Friendly" or "Water plants well" WE COVER ALL OF YOUR PLANTS WITH TARPS, PERIOD!! That's as "PLANT FRIENDLY" as it gets in this business! Because this offers the maximum protection! We will also, without charge, on most roofs, repair and realign cracked and slipped out tiles. { There is a reasonable limit to how many we will do for free.} Many of my competitors just rinse plants off as they go or when they finish. Often, this results in dead leaves a few days later, or dead plants. We are also licensed and insured as painters and have a handyman license and insurance. If you have minor repairs or any paint job to be done, we have the experience needed! My son has worked continuously with me since 1994 and is a licensed professional along with myself. He also holds a license for handyman work in Sarasota County. So, if you have a Black Algae on your Roof that needs removing, whether for: #1. Health reasons [Those who suffer respiratory ailments are adversely affected by the airborne mold spores] #2. To stop the deterioration of the roof [ algae eats constantly] #3. Astetics [ many beautiful homes have their appearance spoiled by black, discolored roofs] #4. Because your homeowners association requires it. Give us a call! You will be glad you did and your neighbors may thank you! SEE SOME OF OUR RECENT JOBS below- http://s491.photobucket.com/albums/rr277/Chuck_Bergman/WORK/ Englewood 941-474-8883 Cape Haze, Placida, Rotonda, Grove City 941-698-1959 Venice, Nokomis, Osprey, S. Sarasota 941-483-3673 Port Charlotte, Punta Gorda, PGI, Burnt Store 941-255-8600 Or, just email me! PRESSURE_CLEAN@COMCAST.NET
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    Professional rust removal services by Tiger Wash. Remove rust stains from buildings, concrete, and more! Call us today at (225) 678-8904 or visit us online at http://www.TigerWashBR.com!
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    Are you looking for quality and affordable driveway, sidewalk or patio cleaning in Portland, or throughout the Portland Metro area including Beaverton, Hillsboro, Lake Oswego, Tigard and Tualatin? Then click here and check out this page. Our professional grade, Hot Water power wash equipment is fast and thorough so that our customers always enjoy superior pressure washing results while they also Save Money! Rapid HotClean Call or Text 503-709-3594 http://rapidhotclean.com/
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    Pressure Washing Fontana California Professional Pressure Washing in Fontanta, CA. We provide Pressure Washing to Residential and Commercial clients throughtout Southern California. Call us today for a free estimate and appraisal. Visit our website for more informationa on our range of expert Exterior Cleaning Services - Pressure Washing Southern CA