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Pressure Washing Management Guidelines - Newbies!

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Hi Carlos,

I am actually in the begginning stages of research for starting up a PW'ing business. I would really appreciate a copy of this "data". Also any other tips, business strategies, or related info that you have I would love as well!!


Paul Gideon


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The Power Washing Management Guidelines will be made available in early Spring when the ***** launches it's membership drive. The guidelines will be able to be downloaded to any and all ***** Members....stay tuned!

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As more folks are getting into PW due to the times, and as this post has been trying to help startups get off on the right foot, SBS wants to help also. We have a manual - "Starting Up a New Pressure Washing Business - Lots of Stuff You Need to Know" which usually goes for $29.95, which we will offer for FREE to anyone who provides their contact info. Please e-mail me your Name, address, Phone number and e-mail address to tracy@sunbritesupply.com and I will get you the manual for FREE! We know how hard it is to make choices about equipment, chems., etc. when just getting started. Budgets get streched before the money starts coming in, and bad investments get costly. Let us help! No one was there to show us how to get started and looking back, things could have been done differently to be more profitable early on. Let us give a little back by offering this info so you as the new contractor can get of on the right track and make it great start to your new venture!


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If you are still offering this info, I would love to have it. We have been doing commerical work for the past 6 years and have made the decision to expand to residential this season.

I am anticipating many changes will be needed to accomodate this new aspect of our business, so any and all info I can get my hands on is helpful and appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

Edited to include my email address which I thought was in my signature line, whoops.


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A couple years ago I offered to anyone in the industry a copy of our Pressure Washing Management Guideline's.

This guideline will assist any NEWBIE as they tackle their human resources tasks on a day-to-day basis. I know when I first entered into the industry I was not sure whether or not I had my bases covered as it relates to proper documentation and forms relating to the management of my company.

We hired a Human Resource Consultant years ago to establish our infrastructure on paper. After our attorney reviewed the information we were on our way.

Over the years, laws and our growth has changed. We outgrew the original management guidelines a long time ago but the information and general points are very good for any new company just starting out.

Things such as:

Hiring Forms;

Pre-Interview Forms;

Background Investigation Disclosure

Substance Abuse Testing

Interview Forms

Offer of Employment Form


Time Off Request Forms

Time Off Tracking Form

Emergency Contact Information Form

and etc., etc,. etc.......

Each state is different as it relates employment laws and regulations. Please be sure to check your particular states laws as it relates to what you can and cannot do.

The forms I have are geared towards New Look Power Wash but can be used by anyone by just inserting their company name to replace ours.

I am offering to any NEWBIE a copy of our management guidelines. Some of the material you may find very useful and some of it may not work at all!!! If you can use it ...then great!!!

This is only for Newbies! Let me know and I will get a copy of it out to you!

Second year in business still feel like a newby at times and if i qualify would love to have one.

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I would love a copy of this manual as well.:)

I love this forum. I have been a part of professional associations before and have found them a great help in business. I can tell this will be for this business as well!


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