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    Thought I had this all figured out, did a test patch (under stairs, wont be visible) and I'm not thrilled. Back to the drawing board? I'm trying to achieve a nice leathery-brown marbled floor (see first picture attached). Love the high gloss wet look, however I'm leery about that high gloss finish wearing away fairly quickly (quicker than a permeable sealer would?), especially with acrylic top coats. Hobby work and project garage with vehicle storage, in the northeast so salt is used (sparingly on our roads it seems...). Right now the garage is completely empty, now is the time - I'd like to do it once and do it right. I decided on direct colors acid stain - I really like the unique and interesting results an acid stain (should, typically) produce. After doing tons of research I thought I had decided on ghostsheild as a protectant, most likely 8510 but also wanted to try a little bit of their 5505 for fun. acid staining san antonio I did my sample, need to perfect my acid stain process a bit but I think I've got that under control now - put 8510 over half and 5505 over the other half of the sample patch. I thought 8510 was going to be the answer. But it doesnt deepen the stain colors at all, it just looks BLAH (which I knew... but just didnt comprehend how it would effect the final product). I really like the way the floor looks with the 5505, that wet deep color glossy look - but its my understanding that 5505 is an acrylic coating and it sounds like it wont hold up well to our uses (??). I set an empty grill propane 20 pound grill tank on the test surface, dragged it a bit, and there was noticeable scratching/discoloring. So, what do i do? 8510 with a wax over it to help deepen the color? 5505 and baby the floor hope it'll hold up well? If its not going to hold up I dont want to bother. Or investigate other options: How about some of these Polyuria or polyspartic? Not sure why I didnt focus on these to begin with? VOC's and cure time are not important, want to do it right. And while cost is always important, I'd rather pay more now and do it right. Help!!
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    Concrete Acid/Staining

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    Concrete Acid/Staining

    Has anyone or known of anyone whom has Acid Stained their concrete flooring? We are seriously considering this in our bottom story. From our research it appears this is a very long lasting, rather inexpensive to do flooring; with what appears as beautiful results. We will probadly have to travel all the way to Springfield MO to purchase this stain; unless someone knows of a place it is sold in North Arkansas. We looked at Lowes and Home Depot and they do not carry the Acid Stain just the topical stain. IF you have done this WHAT are the Do's and Don'ts that we may advoid. And WHAT were your results? Are you pleased with them? Thanks... acid staining raleigh
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    Concrete stain removal?

    It seems that my golf cart batteries dripped onto a buddy's new concrete while my cart was parked there over the course of a few weeks while I rebuilt my storage room. The stains are orang/tan and I do have a couple of places where the concrete blistered. Not concerned much about the blistered area as I will skim it with some patch. The solution to the stain problem and how, please? What will remove the stain or bleach the concrete back to the normal off-white color? concrete sealing jacksonville
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    sodium hypochlorite & surfactants

    hey mate ... hypochlorite +- 1 % blended surfactants 7.125% balance 100% water any suggestions on what blended surfactants i should use? apparently this mixture is good for mould on canvas ect cheers kevin