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    Hello everyone, Let's chat about house cleaning! How often do you tackle chores? Do you stick to a routine or clean spontaneously? I aim for balance, cleaning weekly with tidying in between. Life gets hectic, but maintaining a comfortable home matters. Share your tips! And remember, if you're in Toronto and need professional cleaning services, don't hesitate to contact me
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    Hey there! Cleaning routines can be a real balancing act, right? I try to keep up with chores weekly, but life’s surprises often throw a wrench in that plan! It’s reassuring to know I’m not alone in this. Your approach of regular tidying with a weekly clean-up sounds smart. Sometimes I find myself doing spontaneous clean-ups when things get too chaotic or call someone to do them for me, as advised by  End of tenancy cleanup Co. They emphasize the importance of spring cleaning, and I’ve found their advice really helpful in keeping things fresh.It’s great to have options like that, especially living in a busy city like Toronto!
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    Hey everyone, I'm facing a bit of a conundrum with apartment cleaning and could use some advice. How do you efficiently tackle cleaning tasks in a small space without feeling overwhelmed? I find myself struggling to maintain a balance between work, social life, and keeping my place tidy. Do you have any tips or tricks for keeping things organized and clean without spending hours each week? Additionally, any product recommendations or DIY cleaning solutions that have worked wonders for you would be greatly appreciated. Looking forward to hearing your insights and hopefully finding a solution that works for me. Thanks in advance!
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    If you're grappling with the complexities of keeping your apartment spick and span, consider outsourcing to a house deep cleaning company. Their expertise can streamline your cleaning routine, offering tailored solutions to tackle even the toughest dilemmas. With their help, you can reclaim your time and enjoy a consistently clean living space.
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    hi all, I'm looking to expand my pressure washing, learn about soft-washing, and buy a better surface attachment than the 14" briggs and stratton plastic 3,400 psi-rated which broke on me after about 30 hours of use with a 3,100 psi machine, and the second one broke in about 3 hours with a 3,400 psi machine. It breaks in the center where the main assembly connects to the rim body using only screws into plastic nipples. I didn't abuse it or anything. I have to buy a 3rd one now just to finish the project (concrete patio and walkways) and I'll keep it as back-up. I'm hoping to find a surface cleaner that is lightweight but durable and serviceable with parts available if necessary. I know to clean and grease the assembly now and then. MAybe somethign under $250? My current set-up is a consumer grade 3,400 psi cold water westinghouse, non-psi-adjustable, regular guns/wands, the cheap surface attachment, and a ~25 foot ~$350 aluminum telescopic wand. I know it's a no-no but I've done a lot of vinyl siding with just cold water, no detergent and a 15 degree yellow nozzle. I find detergent unnecessary vs just water pressure, but I know this can put lines etc in siding vs soft-washing but I've never seen it happen. To me the most important is the follow-up preventive chemical, I often use Wet and Forget afterwards which prevents mildew etc for some months/years depending on the site conditions (shade, north-facing side, ground composition of mulch/dirt/trees etc vs just open unshaded area with patios etc). Using only water pressure takes a while, can damage siding (I never spray anything wood or anything like that I just use the Wet and Forget, same with roofs of course I use Spray and Forget meant for Roofs but many barely seem affected and need somewhat costly constant follow-up treatments and some are so mossy I suggest just tucking zinc/copper flashing under the roof ridge to potentially solve the problem long term, I don't scrape moss balls off asphalt shingles etc either which can damage them. And I avoid all windows and sometimes I manually clean them with just windex and rags. Where I'm at is high-priced labor, cost of living is as high as anywhere in the country, so the higher prices for labor/total project are on the higher side of national averages when googling such things but I still see signs here and there on telephone poles etc "pressure washing starting at only $100, includes detergent", which likely is for small single story houses and doesn't include any walkways or roofs etc. Doing a 2 story including walkways (I don't do asphalt driveways unless I'm about to reseal them because the surface cleaner can chip them etc) can take a while and one would think it'd only cost $200, but it takes too long to use just water to do it for $200 plus the additional cost of Wet and Forget and I want to keep the price reasonable. I haven't looked into it but most of the soft-wash videos seems like a 2 story house can be done in only about an hour, it's basically not even high pressure, it's basically a super soaker or garden hose spraying chemicals and then rinsing, I prefer to keep it clean without using chemicals but usually Wet and Forget is necessary afterwards anyway which will also eventually leach down into the landscape etc - it is what it is, if you want the house not to look all mildew and dirty, then chemicals are necessary unless you want to powerwash it w/ only water like twice a year and potentially damage the vinyl. Plus the cost of Wet and Forget is pricey, like three $40 concentrated bottles per 2-story house plus a $30 bottle of roof cleaner is another ~$150 plus the labor spraying from a 3 gallon tank pump sprayer, so my price is going to be too high vs if the soft-wash detergent also prevents future mildew. Again, I haven't looked into soft washing tutorials but am thinking I need a new pressure washer that can adjust to lower psi? Looking for suggestions on a new surface attachment, new psi-adjustable machine, and good tutorials for soft washing. thanks.
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    Contract in Word Doc

    I would like to see it Charltonmccullough098@gmail.com
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    I agree, you can go right over it and it should be just fine.
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    How to clean concrete stains!

    Hello all. Well as you all may be well aware of, working on your car, makes messes, stains floors! I personally don't care to much but my land lord threw a fit when he saw some of my floor lol So he want it cleaned up! Heres what I have... Garage floor is concrete and the backyard has concrete pavers. The stains I have on there are, transmission fluid, pb blaster, grease, just car gunk/grease/grime stuff that fell of suspension and other parts of the drivetrain during removal. Heres the big one! I got a bucket and filled it with white vinegar to drop some suspension parts in, well after about a week it turned kinda orange and I took it out into the backyard and took out the parts layed them on the floor and sprayed them with my pressure washer. Left that orange tint residue on the floor, and that the one I cant remove! I have tried the simple green purple heavy duty cleaner, the purple power cleaner, I do have some of that kitty litter oil stuff, not sure if Im using it right because it doesnt exactly make it look like nothing was ever there, and thats if it even lifts some of the stain, dawn liquid soap.
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    Remove silicone caulk from brick

    Someone used silicone caulk to glue lattice all over this brick building years ago and the new owner wants it removed. Razor blades only takes off the top layer. Can't blow it off with a pressure washer without getting into the brick. Acetone, mineral spirits, wire brushes and even a propane torch just makes a mess of it. I'm at a loss. Is there a chemical that will break the bond? Anyone have any ideas on how to get this off?
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    Beth n Rod

    Remove silicone caulk from brick

    Not much available for Silicone. Try this site: https://www.diedrichtechnologies.com/ Rod & Beth
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    Good Afternoon Everyone This is Ray from Aqua Clean Power Washing LLC in New Jersey. We offer roof cleaning and power washing in Dumont NJ. I wanted to share the third video from this three day Tony Robins seminar. Each video is 3 hours long. I hope you enjoy the videos. (516) Time to Rise Summit Day 3: 7 Steps: Your Path to an Extraordinary Life - YouTube To learn more about power washing in Dumont NJ please visit www.gentlepowerwashing.com/power-washing-Dumont-nj/ To learn more about soft wash roof cleaning in Dumont NJ please visit www.gentlepowerwashing.com/roof-cleaning-Dumont-nj/ To learn more about house washing in Dumont NJ please visit www.gentlepowerwashing.com/house-washing-Dumont-nj/
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    How to clean concrete stains!

    To Handle tough stains on your concrete garage floor and pavers, consider seeking help from a service with expertise in addressing stubborn stains. They can assess and address your specific cleaning needs effictively.
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    Is your deck looking weathered and worn after years of battling the elements? Discover the ultimate solution for deck cleaning in Dublin! Our expert team is here to breathe new life into your outdoor space, making it a beautiful, inviting retreat once again. Our deck cleaning services in Dublin are designed to remove dirt, grime, mold, and algae, leaving your deck spotless and safe. Whether you have a wooden, composite, or vinyl deck, we have the expertise and eco-friendly cleaning solutions to get the job done efficiently. Reclaim your outdoor oasis and enjoy the beauty of your deck with Dublin's trusted deck cleaning professionals. Contact us today for a free consultation and bring back the charm of your outdoor living area!
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    Beth n Rod

    How to clean concrete stains!

    You have literally created the nightmares of flatwork pressure washing. While I am not a specialist in this, there are various cleaners that will help. This is the site to start: https://www.diedrichtechnologies.com/ Rod & Beth