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    I see this is an older post however I am experiencing the same problem. I used SuperDeck Stain & Sealer Remover. I called the store about this and was told when I use the "SuperDeck Revive" it would go away. Well no it does not and I tried a small area using SuperDeck Deck Wash, no difference. still chalky looking . One person noted it was due to being 4 months old my deck is a year old. How did you cure this?
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    Looking for Suggestions

    Hi Guys, it has been awhile since I have been on this forum. I would like to get your suggestion on where i can buy a good quality Extension wand for tall buildings. During my 16-years in the business I have just hooked wands together to get the height I needed. I am cleaning a lot of tall banks now and will have to breakdown and get an extension wand to save my back. So any suggestions on what to get and where would be appreciated. Thanks Hugh Gibson (copgib)
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    With Facebook swallowing up everything in its path around the globe making so many platforms obsolete, it never became the beacon of professional information like these Industry Bulletin Boards did at the turn of the century up until about 6-7yrs ago. I had great memories on this particular bb here that came to mind today which is why I'm posting this now. For this dinosaur these memories I call....the good old days.
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    We have them too let me know if you still are looking.