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    How long until stain...?

    Years ago, with lots of help from you all, I stripped, brightened and stained an old deck that had been sitting for years. We just had a small pressure treated deck built around a portion of our pool yesterday. I remember back in the day there was a certain amount of time suggested for the wood to dry out before stripping and brightening. What is the recommended time now days? Of course the wife wants it done yesterday but I'm not doing it until it's time. Also, I used an Armstrong Clark semi-transparent stain back then. Is this still a good option or are there better ones out there? Thanks All
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    Olympic Renew deck restoration

    I know this thread is 5 years old but what stain did you use? It turned out beautiful!
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    Hello, had my house power washed this weekend. It needed it. Used a local power washing company who I've used several times before. This time, for no extra charge he stripped about 80% of the stain off my PT yellow pine deck. The stain was only 2 years old and looked great. When I asked him why he did it he said that he just helped it and it was coming off. I didn't wish to argue and that is not why I am posting. Background as to what products I used in Sep 2020 and have on hand now: RAD Deck Stain Stripper and power wash, followed by Citralic Brightener/Neutralizer. The stain is Armstrong-Clark Chestnut Semi-Transparent. Followed all directions and deck looked fantastic. So, what do I do now? Strip remaining stain off and start over?
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    Ipe Deck Wash

    Ipe deck just professionally washed. 3 year old Woodrich stain. Thoughts?
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    Ipe Deck Wash

    I was more referring to the perpendicular marks and the overall cleaning job. Does it look ready for a maintenance coat?
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    mike movila

    Olympic Renew deck restoration

    Well it is all done the nightmare it is over