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Contract in Word Doc

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I have a form that you would like. It is used in Excel and has one for quoting Houses and another for quoting Decks. It has blank printable sheets aswell that I print off and laminated so when I am at the Customer's house I write all the info I need on it with dry erase marker. Then go back to my vehicle and plug in all the info into my computer and print it. It calculates all the measurements for you. I made this myself a couple of years ago and I have sold it to a few people for $20.00. I will need your logo and address etc. to tailor it to your own business.

Email me @ bollert@sympatico.ca if you are interested. I can send you a picture to look at.

Thanks Rob

email would'nt work for me ..sent pm

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I just posted something in the business section about contracts.. guess i should have looked in this section first.. i too need a contract for commercial use, i dont know the proper wording and want to make sure that we are covered and want to ensure payment when the job is complete.. would anyone be willing to send me one also at

fax number (910) 399-7123 - have to call first



I would GREATLY appreciate any help! Thanks so much!

Katie Hofweber

Top Gun Pressure Washing

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