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  1. What could be wrong??

    Its eather air or fuel. My unit has the fuel tank near the burner area and the tank was cracked at the mount clips which leaked especially it warmer weather. So removed tank cleaned it up welded it back together. Big thing learn your machine dont trust others on your lively hood. I service everything myself since I started. A pressure washer is pretty eazy to work on as well and the main office for your brand machine has techs that will walk you through little snaggs. Anyhow check for fuel leak. Marko
  2. Anyone willing to help.

    How would you do the deck if it was the smaller ones your used to? Marko
  3. Looks to be old ruff cut lumber, i wouldnt wash it really cause the look wouldnt chamge much unless the birds got crap on the wood to preserve the rustic look best to no wash. But a good old dusting would help a bunch. Just my 2 cents. The concrete wash. Marko
  4. Who's is insured by the Joe Walters Agency?

    Thats the usual Alexy KEC is the night crew and quite litterly in the dark,from our tools to insurance we always have to fabricate to attapt it to our business. We make our own tools and gear and insurance companies put us in janitor sections of there insurance.Our line of work is very much left in the dark. Its amazing such an important and regulated trade is one of the least reconized. Marko
  5. Your welcome Apple, honestly i thought i would be the only one too lol. These days business' goes for the "easy way" but in all reality the easy way is harder in the long run considering cost and headache to maintain,purchase,and the time lost relying on them. Marko
  6. I found since i posted last that hand rolling your hoses works well for me. Less stress on the hoses and unless" i "break down i can reel in hoses for a long time,lol. I can roll my hoses up pretty quick now. But heck like apple said i dont pull my hoses out a bunch mainly one time a night. One thing about hand rolling there is no maintenance on a rell if you dont have one, no orings,bearings or bushings or having to pull the tools to remove your hose for repair. It just seems to work best for me actually. Marko
  7. Exterior Doors?

    I would guuess the door has its original factory coat on it, would be my guess. Find out the maker of the door probably would help a bunch. Marko
  8. Brochure

    Douglas that was wrong and i feel disrespectful. No one is no more supperior then the other, everyone starts somewhere at one point on there journey in life. The question was straight forward. Think about it ,people Google for help, so they find this site in trust that they will find the info they are searching for,and if they find the info then that benifits The Grime scene and the companies that pay to advertise here. I hate to speak up like this but that was wrong and imature. SAD! Marko
  9. Tired of winter and ready for spring

    Thats how it done it here. We are back to snow now. Marko
  10. Tired of winter and ready for spring

    I am too Beth. A storm is brewing here as well snowed a little yesterday and the heavy snow comimg today through thursday the worse being Wednesday. they say 10 inches..lol.I am just ready for warm season, man winter costs me at least an hour more of work considering you have to drain all hoses and treat machine every job. Plus those cold nights just suck sometimes especially when things go wrong. Plus winter is a different process of cleaning considering you are forming an ice rink somewhere. Anyhow all be safe think first. Marko
  11. Interior lights

    Deka in my opinion is a top of the line battery. Long life great service. Marko
  12. Remote fuel tank

    You can hook up any unit to your tank. No differnt then my old RVs generator to the tank. Simple in line fuel pump low pressure auto cut off. Here is an example of one. http://www.ebay.com/itm/NEW-AIRTEX-FUEL-PUMP-replacement-for-ONAN-GENERATOR-OE-149-2331-02-/221359004081. Anything can be done if you want it done, dont think to much most likly its been done before. Marko
  13. In my opinion private or public bbc or org all is benificial info to the one that seeks it. Some are big headed then others but benifit those that seek it. At the same time it's a great place to dump some info as well for the future to succeed. Marko
  14. Cleanhoods

    Since 1997 we have been in business giving high quality restaurant exhaust system detailing for the western North Carolina area. Free estimates, systems cleaned from top to bottom, no mess on equiptment or floor. Also available for "customers" maintenance as well. Give us a call we will take care of you, we are here to help. (828)455-2358 CELL or (336)753-1223 OFFICE Marko.Pantovich. owner
  15. Blue Puff

    @ Andrew: Just a guess, the second is probably to fine tune the air flow to clear the smoke. Just a guess though. @Rapid HotClean: A well built machine always makes you money. Also having a owner that is mechanically incline helps a bunch too. If man built it, man can fix it. And the big thing on a commerial unit these machine love just to be run, down time really effects them. Marko